5 tips for organizing your event in AltspaceVR

5 tips for organizing your event in AltspaceVR

Have you ever thought about organizing an event ín virtual reality? AltspaceVR could be a great tool for you to try. On December 3rd 2020, I organised an event with the municipality of Rotterdam the Netherlands, where we invited over 300 people to join in VR. We learnt a lot from this experiment. In this article I would like to share 5 tips and insights about organising events in AltspaceVR.

1. Create 3D-letters for the stage

3D letters on stage AltspaceVR

A great way to design your stage is to add 3D letters. AltspaceVR allows you to import your own .glb-models. This is a format for 3D-models. Without any coding skills, you can create and add your own 3D-models in the following way:

  1. Go to vectary.com and create a paid account
  2. Open up a blank canvas
  3. Using the text tool, create your text. It will be in 3D automatically. Don’t mind the size too much, you can make the letters smaller and larger within AltspaceVR.
  4. Go to library -> collections -> Plastic material and drag any of these onto your model
  5. Using the object -> transformations tool, you can customise your letters and if you scroll down you see an option to select your preferred colour
  6. When done, go to export -> GLB export

Now you have a 3D-model with text. The next thing to do is to import this one into your world. When you have created your own event, you have the ability to give the user role ‘terraformer’. Make sure you have that ability selected.

Then go to altvr.com and in the menu search for ‘models’. Here you can upload your file, which will generate a line of code you need to copy.

Then within your AltspaceVR project (best to open that on a computer, to easily copy and paste your line of code), go to your editor tools (should be at the right if you have terraforming abilities on your account) -> go to AltspaceVR -> Basic -> import GLTF. Here you can paste your code. And that’s it! You can now put this wherever you like!

2. Use photos wisely

At altvr.com under the menu-item ‘photos’, you are able to download any photo made within AltspaceVR (such as selfies) and you are also able to upload photos from your computer. This is a very easy way to get posters and stuff like that into your VR world.

We actually imported a large panoramic photo of Rotterdam, so people were able to take photos with it.

AltspaceVR selfie

3. Livestream your event

It became very clear during our experiment that some corporate computers do not allow you to install anything. That means that you are not able to download AltspaceVR on your mac or Windows. Therefore, it is recommended to also livestream your event for people to follow along. It is easily done:

  1. Create a user account for your ‘camera man’. You will simply livestream whatever this account sees within VR.
  2. Install and open AltspaceVR on your streaming computer. Login using the credentials for your camera man.
  3. Follow the instructions to install and use OBS tools on this tutorial.

4. Get in touch with AltspaceVR

Before the event, we emailed AltspaceVR for help. We wanted our space to facilitate a larger audience than the maximum of 80 it allows usually. When you contact them, they can enable a feature called Front Row, which enables you to make copies of your space so more people can enter.

AltspaceVR can also help you to promote your event to the AltspaceVR community.

5. Test your internet connection!

I was supposed to be the host within the virtual event, to help people to network and enjoy the show. Unfortunately… during the start of the show, my internet connection dropped at the external location I was at. At home, no problem. Therefore, make sure to test your equipment beforehand to see if the internet connection works well with AltspaceVR. Another option would be to use a wired VR headset on a computer that is wired to the internet.

Go to AltspaceVR for more information and get started!

Tip: need help organising your own AltspaceVR-event? Mail me: freek.teunen(at)gmail.com

Another tip: looking for more information about the business applications of virtual reality? The English version of my VR-book will launch early 2021. You can sign up here for updates.


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  • Ik ben zelf de opties van Spatial aan het verkennen voor trainingen en workshops. Hoe kijk je aan tegen Spatial tov Altspace.

    Ik ben zelf trainer/coach en heb sinds een maandje de Quest2. Ik probeer even de best games/tools te vinden waarmee je coole sessies kunt organiseren.

    Net trouwens je boek gekocht, ben benieuwd! 🙂

    Nog andere tips?

    • Hey Gijs,

      Veel plezier alvast met het lezen!

      En wat betreft Spatial tegenover AltspaceVR ligt het aan je doel. Spatial is wat meer gesloten en heeft ook een wat meer business look. AltspaceVR is wat creatiever wat dat betreft.

      Maar ik ken AltspaceVR nu veel beter dan Spatial, dus ik zal me er wat meer ook in verdiepen. En er zijn daarnaast nog een heel aantal die je kan leren kennen: MeetinVR, Mozilla Hubs, Big Screen en Engage VR.

      Allemaal bieden ze andere features en sommigen zijn ook toegankelijk via een PC of tablet. Allemaal keuzes 😉 Maar goed om allemaal te proberen.



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